The Pad – Climbing Night with Jorden

My buddy Jorden has been inviting me to The Climbing Gym (The Pad) for the last 3 months and well working 5 jobs and doing all my volunteer work I rarely have a night off and if I do I usually have an awesome family to hang out with. (Otrembas, Adame’s)

But over the weekend we talked and decided Wednesday would be the day. Monday night I slept wrong and I’ve had a cramp in my neck so I could have used that as an excuse to go or I could use the fact that my stomach wasn’t feeling the greatest or I was tired and wanted a beer or something..But not today!


I went in, signed the waiver, paid the fee for the day,($12) they do offer memberships that go for both locations. (Highly recommended) They let you use climbing shoes (not comfortable, but necessary) and chalk galore for your hands. (Yes, you need it – trust me) My hands are trashed and I cannot wait to go back ASAP!

I started off on various routes at first from V1 to V6 (higher #’s are harder) some V4’s were harder than a V6, different types of hand and footholds. I am not the most flexible, so I have to use my upper body strength (and I’m out of shape) Jorden gave me some tips and showed me a few routes to try. At first I was like there is no way in hell I would ever be able to do this, and by the end of the night I was able to do them each three different times. Jorden than did some other routes that were way above my skill level and all I could do was watch and applaud.


My favorite moment was when I finally was able to go from two hands and ‘Dyno’ up about 5 feet. I started off with my hands each on a hold and my feet on little holds than used my body to pump up and be able to jump and grab it, it was not easy (took ten tries at least to get it) Climbing was very humbling experience and Jorden excelled very well he is definitely ready for American Ninja Warrior this week!

After doing my goal of the night, I went over to the slack line which I have never been successful at. After Jorden again gave me some tips, I was able to make it half way through multiple times (about 10 feet on an 1.5 inch line) I felt good that I had progressed as it is kind of like the salmon ladder – meaning I do not have a place to practice it so my mind said it is impossible so do not even try it. (But you do not grow thinking like that) We than moved over to practicing lache’s to switch grip landing, covering a 6 foot distance in between. Peg Board wall was up next and oh boy, keep those L’s (arms shaped like L’s) stay close to the wall and use all your muscles. I was able to get six pegs in, and that was my best run – Jorden schooled me yet again on that.


Finished off with a 20lb medicine ball, tossing it back and forth for a few moments; then pull ups to fully make sure my hands were toasted after two hours. Everyone there was great and encouraging, no Debbie downers!


Check them out at

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