Central Coast Brewing Industry Night Feb 2018

I was lucky enough to get invited to the new Central Coast Brewing Industry night this week. It does not open to the Public for another 2 weeks (March 10th). I work for Hop On Walking Beer Tours and am an avid consumer of CCB products over the last 15 years. Needless to say I was stoked, I invited my best ‘Beer Buddy’ and we set off to have a great evening.

I am an IPA Snob (even have hops tattoo) and I am in love with the Hazy’s. Not ashamed to say it, Brendan the head brewer makes the best beers (side note CCB is my favorite brewery) No I am not paid or sponsored from them (I would love to be though wink wink) I just love all their beers from Monterey Street Pale Ale to Lucky Day IPA (mmm) to Juicebox Hero, MoonBuggy, Juicy Almighty etc..What most people don’t know about is my mixology that I try and suggest to others to try as well. I love mixing beers – Juicy Almighty with a little bit of Lucky Day = Bomb

Surprised how many people I knew, it was very nice, but what made my night (besides the beer) was meeting a bunch of new people, putting myself out there and networking. This community is so close, you never know who you are talking to, until it comes up (I have found that out many times). I had some awesome conversations, good advice given on new business ideas I have, ideas were flowing all night. Learning I had the support of others who wanted to help me reach my dream = Priceless!!

Chefs were walking around with yummy food throughout the night, the beer was at a discounted rate for us (yay), there was live music playing and a lot of people to chat with about everything from good breweries to hiking to snowboarding to American Ninja Warrior. George the owner was there showing people the new cool Cycling jerseys that Voler (my main job) had just got designing, and people loved them. Artwork turned out great especially for Juicebox Hero (Hazy) and Cervantes (Lager) Coming soon to both locations and Voler’s website.

I will definitely be back (old location is where my heart is though), it is closer to one of my jobs, and it is set away from downtown area. Located on lower Higuera Street in the old SLM building, it is next to Cal-Trans and across from the Goodwill/Rangemasters. Go check it out and support George, Brendan, Brian, Katie & Courtney.

I hope to see you there, and do not hesitate to come say hi (or ask advice on what to mix)!


Enjoying a delicious Hazy IPA up on the catwalk

Admiring my Hazy IPA, while checking out this awesome sign!
Great times, great people, Great Beer and Amazing Food selection! Video Games, adult games, Music, soon to come an outdoor RC racing track! Fantastic place!

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